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Tourism hotspots in Mississippi will be affected by the Mississippi flood

In the coming days, the Mississippi River Basin will likely be flooded, making travel across the river even more challenging.The river is expected to crest sometime Friday and floodwaters will stretch over an area of up to 1,000 square miles, according to the National Weather Service.In an interview with the Missoulian, Missoula Mayor John Koster […]

Why are people flocking to Florida to experience the beauty of the South?

In the past few years, we’ve seen the arrival of tourists to Florida, and a new wave of South Korean tourists have come to the Sunshine State.The reason behind this is simple: It’s the perfect place to get away from the heat.The Sunshine State has been a hotbed of climate change, as temperatures are expected […]

Kerala tourism industry to benefit from high-end hotels, resorts, bars, restaurants, restaurants and pubs

Tourism is expected to reap an estimated $3 billion a year by the end of the decade, with the boom in luxury hotels, resort resorts and bars expected to deliver another $1 billion.Key points:Tourism officials say they want to make Kerala a “major tourism hub”Tourism Minister Jayakumar says Kerala will be the first state in […]

Why I love Hawaii for the space tourism

This post may contain affiliate links.Please read our disclosure policy for more details.Hawaii is a popular destination for space tourists.However, it has its fair share of challenges to overcome.It has a unique location, a large population, and a strong tourism industry.We have collected some tips for people who want to visit the state, but are […]

How to save money and make sure your vacation lasts

LOS ANGELES — More than a dozen vacation spots in Los Angeles County are being put on the market, and one of them is an international resort in Portugal.For $100,000, you can have a private room, a spa and private beach in the town of Algarve.It’s one of several international resorts being touted as potential […]

Canadian tour operator wants to make ‘greater impact’ on the south

Canada’s tourism industry is in a bit of a flux.As we approach the holidays, there is a growing sense of uncertainty.There is a sense of anxiety about what is going to happen to the tourism sector in the next five years.In recent months, tourism operators in Canada have been forced to scramble to adapt and […]

New York, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas reopening for winter sports

New York City has officially reopened to the public after being closed for more than two months due to the threat of a winter storm.The National Weather Service in New York forecasted the storm would bring up to 20 inches of snow, which would bring the forecast to a stop.The city has also reopened to […]

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