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How to See the ‘Best of South Carolina’ in a Weekend Getaway

As a summer visitor, I was happy to see how South Carolina’s beautiful coastline has been preserved through the years.But when I got home, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. I’m a big proponent of staying in places that have a great history and tradition, and when you look at the tourism-driven tourism industry in South […]

Which countries are most likely to visit the US in 2018?

With nearly 80 million Americans, there are a lot of reasons to visit each and every one of the countries listed below.As with all things, we’ll be covering all of the important factors that affect each country and the tourism industry, from how much to expect, to how much you can expect to pay, to […]

Why the Balkan nation of Serbia is a perfect tourist destination

Samoan tourists will love visiting the city of Kotor as it is home to the famous island of Kava and home to a thriving international tourism industry.The capital, Kotor, is the only island in the world where people can freely enjoy its lush, blue waters and tropical weather.As one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan […]

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