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Why you should go to Nevada in 2018

The United States and Nevada have long had a rocky relationship.But the state’s tourism industry is poised to thrive under a Trump administration that has vowed to crack down on illegal immigration.That has prompted the nation’s biggest casino operator to offer free rides for illegal immigrants and offered to hire workers in Nevada for the […]

How to navigate the Panama Canal and its impact on your vacation destination

What to know before you go: Panama Canal has reopened.Panama is no longer closed.Panama City is open for business.What to do when you get there: The Panama Canal is a waterway that carries around 3.4 million cubic meters of water every day, about a third of the volume of the Pacific Ocean.The canal’s main channel […]

How to make it in Dubai: A guide to life in the emirate

The UAE is a city that can be both a home for tourists and a destination for locals.The capital of Dubai has the highest number of people on the planet, with an estimated 8.3 billion inhabitants.It is a vibrant city that attracts people from all over the world.Its diverse and cosmopolitan feel is reflected in […]

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