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Hawaii tourism boom to help drive economic growth

Honolulu is expected to grow 2% this year to about $6.4 billion, according to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, as tourists seek more affordable travel options and more affordable hotels.The tourism board, which oversees more than 2 million workers, said it expects about 200,000 new jobs in tourism over the next five years.The economy is expected […]

How to save money and make sure your vacation lasts

LOS ANGELES — More than a dozen vacation spots in Los Angeles County are being put on the market, and one of them is an international resort in Portugal.For $100,000, you can have a private room, a spa and private beach in the town of Algarve.It’s one of several international resorts being touted as potential […]

The Trump Administration will let tourists stay in hotel while the UAE embarks on tourism projects

The Trump administration is set to announce plans to let tourists and residents stay in hotels while the Emirates embarks upon tourism projects.The moves come after the UAE and the US imposed a blockade on a key trade route to the Arabian Peninsula in January, preventing people and goods from entering the country.Under the Trump […]

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