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When it comes to tourism in the United States, Australia can’t beat #AlbaniaTourism

When it came to tourism, Australia could not beat #AustraliaTourism, according to an infographic published by the travel website TripAdvisor.In its 2016 rankings, Australia ranked fifth in the world, behind only the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Japan.However, TripAdvisors also reported that Australia’s tourism industry is booming.The tourism industry generated a whopping $1.27 trillion in […]

What you need to know about South Dakota’s new tourism management laws

South Dakota is moving forward with its tourism management plan, and it’s going to take some serious time.The governor has promised to sign it by the end of the year.But the process has been slow.The law requires tourism managers to have a bachelor’s degree and have worked in tourism for a year.And the state has […]

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