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Tourism industry in Cambodia’s tourism sector is in a state of flux

Tourism is a crucial component of the Cambodian economy, and the government hopes to bring a lot of tourists to the country.However, with the economic slowdown affecting the tourism industry, and a lack of local staff, there is a significant amount of uncertainty about what will happen. Cambodian Tourism Industry – Who’s in? According to the World Tourism Organization […]

Georgia tourism website shuts down after Trump tweet: “We are NOT the KKK!”

Breitbart News is reporting that the website, The Chattanooga Tourism Association, has shut down after the president of the group, Richard Lee, wrote on Facebook that he was “not a racist.”Lee, who also chairs the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, made the comments in response to a question about the death of a Black man who […]

GOP nominee seeks to expand tourism to Texas

Republican nominee for president Donald Trump has announced plans to expand the number of tourists visiting his home state, seeking to attract more Americans to the U.S. and bolster the tourism industry.Trump’s plan to bring tourists to Texas and expand his business empire could help his party win a presidential election that has traditionally been […]

How to spot a Chinese tourist with a fake tourist visa

If you ever had a Chinese visitor for the first time and were wondering how they got into your state, you’ll have to wait until next month.On Wednesday, the California Department of Tourism and Visitors will announce a major change to the state’s visa requirements.For the first three months of 2018, the state will require […]

Why is the United Kingdom’s tourism industry struggling to compete with the rest of Europe?

By now, you’ve heard that Italy has its sights set on becoming the first European country to host a full-scale VR experience for tourism, and now a new report from the Economist highlights the challenges faced by tourism in Italy.In a report titled “Tourism: A Year of Change,” the paper describes the situation as a […]

How to choose the right tour operator in Georgia’s Savannah region

Visitors from Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, can relax in the hot sun at Savannah’s historic Old Town.But the capital of Georgia is not quite the Savannah they see from their home.“Savannah is a city built on a different world,” said Mark Purdy, an assistant professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology.“It has been rebuilt after a […]

Which places in New Zealand could be hot spots for tourism?

NEW ZEALAND Tourism officials are warning tourists not to go to parts of New Zealand that have seen a recent spike in the number of people seeking refuge in its remote forests.“New Zealand has been the hot spot for tourism, with a very significant increase in the numbers of visitors,” New Zealand’s Tourism and Sport […]

Top Philippines tourist destinations in 2018

PHILADELPHIA — The top Philippine tourism destinations in 2019 are expected to see a surge in the number of tourists who choose to visit the country, as the government attempts to revive its economy after a deep economic slump.The country is expected to host more than 2 million tourists in 2019, according to the International […]

‘We are a nation of immigrants’ – PM Modi says, as Indians celebrate Diwali

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said India’s history of being the country of immigrants is its greatest strength and its greatest challenge.Mr Modi’s speech came a day after his party-led government launched a campaign to celebrate the festival of Diwala, the festival marking the birth of the Hindu god Vishnu, with celebrations […]

How to find your favorite places to visit in Ohio, Arizona and California

A few years ago, the tourism industry was on the cusp of a massive boom.That boom began in 2014, when the Trump administration rolled out a list of 10,000 proposed expansions to the National Trails System.A few months later, a similar list of proposals, with even more controversial proposals, was released, with proposals ranging from […]

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