Slovenia, a beautiful small country of great character, embedded in the heart of Europe, at the crossroads of the mighty Alpine peaks, the Mediterranean Melos, Dinaric highlands and the Pannonian Basin offers the budding traveler an entire mosaic of European traditions, rooted in one land full of heart. From the magnificent Alpine peaks, the beautiful sea, crystal clear lakes, countless riverbeds that have shaped the breathtaking valleys to the karst wonders that awaken a child like curiosity of every visitor, our country ” on the sunny side of the Alps” is definitely a destination worth a visit. Strategically placed between Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary Slovenia is culturally rich because of its diversity which in each region offers a unique experience. Nowhere else in the world in such a small place does the traveler feel such diversity in customs of the people and in the characteristics of the land.The heart of Slovenia beats hospitality, friendly gestures, it is the heart of the people.

The diversity of Slovenia is distinguished between twelve unique regions, where in each of them the budding traveler discovers a unique experience.slovenia


Imagine that you are standing on top of Mount Triglav, the highest Slovenian mountain, you are mesmorised by the crystal-clear Lake Bled, in the corner of your eye opens the silhouette of Lake Bohinj, surrounded by the peaks of the Julian and Kamnik – Savinja Alps. You take a breath of fresh air and decide to take a walk in the unspoiled nature, you stop to relax in the resort of Kranjska Gora, where you gather your strenght to see the city centers ofd Kranj and Skofja Loka. Of course Gorenjska offers much more.bled


You have arrived to the picturesque Alpine peaks, which are continuing in the colorful valley. You are standing in the Triglav National Park. The purity of the River Soca caches your eye, as she opens in all her emerald-greatness. You quench your thirst with a drop of quality wine growing in the area of Goriska Brda and the Vipava Valley.


The trail led you to a wonderful square, bathed in the bright yellow sun. Sea breeze gently caresses your hair when you stand on the picturesque Tartini Square. Piran city streets take you to a time of brave seafarers whose will has shaped today’s Slovenian coast. You glance at the landscape covered with olive groves, vineyards and orchards, who enjoy the attention of the sun. Oh, this beautiful karst landscape. Far below the roots lie some of the most beautiful underground worlds, that you have ever laid your eyes on. This beautiful Karst.


You find yourself in the middle of Ljubljana. You admire the hustle and bustle of the capital city when walking through the old town, exuberantly smile at the poet Preseren and walk to Cop. You are viewing through your lens, because you don’t want to miss a moment, which the capital city of Slovenia offers, a city of mythological Colchians, Roman Emona, the capital of Carinthia and the Illyrian Provinces, a city of priceless cultural heritage.


You have decided to take a ride on a raft on the river Drava. The city of Maribor attracts you with its magic, in the background you discover the picturesque green Pohorje highlands, where you take in the beauty of wine-growing areas and relax in the embrace of many thermal baths.


One of the regions that in no way you can get to know only by its surface. Under your feet exists a magical world of karst wonders that nature took millennium to form and also left its mark on the surface in beautiful woodlands. You sit on a train that takes you into the depths of Postojna caves, Good luck!postojna cave


The bench under the shade of the old oak tree offers you time, to take a breath when you sit in a park behind the castle. You browse your photos that you have taken recently and get lost in the picturesque wine-growing hills, churches, castles and monasteries, mighty forests and gentle birch groves. Dolenjska, where through the Gorjanci to Bela Krajina you explore the endless landscape, wine roads, resting on the stopes where you just relax.


The trail led you into the cradle of the Slovenian nation in the area of three valleys – the Meza, Drava and Mislinja and three mountain ranges – Pohorje, Karavanke Savinjske Alps. Just stop in Slovenj Gradec and Ravne na Koroskem and Dravograd, while your route takes you up to the highest farms in Slovenia,to the branched routes of pristine mountain scenery and countless forests.


Walk along one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys, where you discover the medieval pulse of the Counts of Celje. The trail takes you through the mysterious Kozjansko, where you find corners of unspoiled nature, thermal spas and places of interesting past. Relax in the welcoming rustic homestead, where you are delighted by the hospitality of the people.


A walk through the dreamy land along the Mura river in eastern Slovenia tires you, so you stop at one of the energy points. Meditation takes you to the wide fields, rounded hills, countless wind rattles, floating mills, healing waters, picturesque vineyards,that you have just visited. Head over you flies a playful stork when you go to the farm, where you are served with delicacies of the hospitable agricultural landscape.


It is time for a unique experience, so take a raft down the longest Slovenian river, the river Sava. You take in the spacious fertile plain, rounded wine-growing hills, which adorn the vast forests, among which are countless towns with major cultural attractions. The path leads you past beautiful places, such as Kostanjevica at Krka, one of the oldest Slovenian towns, in the past known as the “Venice of Dolenjska” to Brezice, Krsko and Sevnica. Just enjoy your rest, you will not be disappointed.


The last day before returning home. Why not conclude it with a visit to the Posavje Hills, where in the past across their picturesque peaks led numerous trade routes, but today the hills above Litija, Zagorje, Trbovlje, and Hrastnik are worth seeing as excursion destinations. Towns along the river Sava in addition to the most important railway connections in Slovenia are distinguished by a long-standing mining tradition. With a helmet on your head enjoy in mining tunnels, drenched with the sweat of many before you, who have entered into the land of Perkmandeljc.

With tears in your eyes you say goodbye when you’re standing at the airport Joze Pucnik, but the memories of an incredible adventure will be embeded in your heart, memories of the country on the sunny side of the Alps, a land of friendly people and countless beauties.