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Amsterdam tourist group says the government has failed to respond to their concerns

Amsterdam, Netherlands – A tourist group in the Dutch city of Amsterdam has called on the government to investigate how it handled complaints of the “unacceptable” and “unjustified” treatment of its members.In a statement published by the Amsterdam Tourism Group, the organization’s director, Yvonne Lippe, said she had been contacted by “many” people, including the […]

‘Madagascar Tourism to Hit ‘Critical Mass’ in 2020, but Can We Expect More Tourism to Come?

“The country’s economy has shrunk and tourism is one of the main sources of revenue,” the country’s tourism minister, George Giambrone, said at the end of January.“The tourism industry is in critical need of new investment and this could potentially be achieved by opening up new destinations.”While there have been few official announcements, there have […]

Morocco’s tourism boom is a big hit

The Moroccan tourism industry has been booming for more than two years, thanks to a new wave of investment from foreign investors, according to the country’s tourism chief.Hussein Yousif said the growth of Morocco’s tourist industry in recent years has been “very, very impressive” as Moroccan citizens are now looking abroad for an alternative to […]

Bolivia to sign 12-year, $3.2 billion international tourism agreement with India

Bolivia is expected to sign an agreement with Indian company Indoscape to build an international tourism corridor, the head of the country’s tourism department said Wednesday.The deal, which is expected in early 2017, would see the two countries sign a 10-year agreement to build a network of hotels, motels and tourist attractions between Bolivia and […]

Israeli tourist in Greece: I am Jewish

An Israeli tourist visiting Greece has told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that he is not anti-Semitic and is therefore comfortable with the country.The unnamed tourist was visiting Athens, the second-most-populous country in Europe after Spain, when he was asked about the incident that saw a Jewish couple brutally beaten by the Greek police.The tourist, who […]

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