Farm Gradišnik is little more than two kilometers away from the entry to the Logar Valley. The name of the farm house Gradiše, probably comes from the word “fort” (fortified settlement on a hill) or ‘fence’ (the space surrounded by a fence, where the grazing livestock), to specify the origin of the name is a need for additional research.

It is the first farm in Matkov corner and the only one not located on the main ring road. To it you must also specifically addressed. Already during the journey to the farm the visitor can feel the story of first time how, before many, many years ago someone here for the first time knock a tree, started shrinking forest and create a home.

Since remembered from Gradišnik was heard the song and the sound of a zither, so do not be surprised if this will be the first thing you’ll hear today. The farm today reflects the time that many have forgotten, on the other hand, it has kept pace with the present. Coexistence of these two worlds is felt everywhere on the farm.

We are located 2.5 km from the church in the Logar Valley, in the direction of the Logar Valley – Pavličevo saddle. To the farm you keep the routing table. With us you can stay in two double rooms and two suites. Both rooms and suites are equipped with solid wood furniture, a bathroom and a TV with digital satellite antenna, the apartments is also kitchen.

On the farm Gradišnik are dealing with archery. You can rent a bow and arrow, you get first instructions and try archery. Once mastered the basics of archery, you can go to a 3D archery course (polygon) where the woods meet the various targets, plastic animals (hunting simulation). Feel the passion and the feeling of your ancestors.

In addition to archery but we offer many other activities: hiking and mountaineering (the Savinja Alps and Karavanke), playground for children …

We offer:

  • Typical Slovenian food
  • Accommodation
  • 3D archery
  • Hiking
  • House with a touch of the past