In Radovica not long ago, the Bright Head Elementary school was opened. It was first an idea of Toni Gašperič, to make a tourist attraction of it and to present Bela krajina in a different and fun way.
Bright Head invites everyone in its benches, who would like to find out how the lessons were like more than 5 decades ago. The lessons, which are 45 minutes long are about the heritage of Bela krajina, with the teacher adapting to the student group’s age. At the lesson’s end, the students get their certificates. According to mr. Gašperič, the lessons are aimed to the elementary, grammar school students and also adults, who could revive their youth. There is peace and order in class or else a rod is used. The classroom takes up to 70 students. One can come to the lessons every day, also during weekends.
Video of class in Bright head elementary school!