There are many famous tourist destinations around the world, which everybody knows about, some of them probably are already visited by you. Still, there are so many gems out there, which are worthy of being visited, and are not known by many. One of these destinations can be found in Slovenia, Europe. The city is called Bled, and it is located near a lake with the same name. It is rather close to the country’s capital, Ljubljana, being just 50 kilometers away. The area is settled since forever, scientists finding here evidence that support this aspect since the Mesolithic times. So the city is filled with history and amazing things to see.

  • Bled in winter

Still, you probably wonder why this city is so unique. Why should you visit it? It has something that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Bled is constructed around the Lake Bled, which holds the gem of this area. In the middle of the lake, there is a small tear-shaped island, which is the only natural island of Slovenia, made out of deposits of lime and dolomite, emerged back in the Triassic. On this lush green island, a church and castle lie magnificent, since forever. They appear to like being cut from stories with princes and princesses, from times that are long gone, with their beauty that remained frozen in time.

The church, which can be found at the southern extremity of the island, was built in 1465. It is not unique only due to its position, but also due to its architectural details. The tower of the church has Venetian influences, which are not characteristic of this part of the Europe. The magnificent tower has a height of 52 meters, having a gothic arch at its entry, build between the 14th and 15th centuries. A particular element of the church, which is attracting numerous tourist at the site, is the “Bell of Wishes”. The legend says that whoever pulls the rope of the Bell of Wishes, gets the chance to make a wish, which will eventually come true. It was reconstructed in 1685, in the pre-baroque style, having the altars decorated with wooden sculptures and black marble.

But besides this stunning church, you will also find a castle on this island. The Castle Bled, the oldest in the country, is positioned on the edge of an abrupt cliff, right above the lake. It is not sure when the castle was made, it is first mentioned on a written piece of map back in the year 1011 when the German Emperor Henrik II donated it to the Bishop of Brixen. The entrance to the castle is fascinating, due to the Gothic arch and the mobile bridge, which lays on a defensive ditch, now covered. At its beginnings, it is believed that just a tower, in a Romanic style, could be found, the construction being developed in time, by adding more towers and annexes. The castle has two sides, the interior part, which has a Gothic chapel and rooms for housing, and the exterior part, with administrative buildings, protected by a tall Romanic wall.

When you reach this island, you will feel like stepping into a world that never changed in centuries. The thick forest and lush vegetation covering most structures, the old but magnificent buildings, the calm lake surrounding them, it seems that nothing bothers them in their forever peace.