Canada’s tourism boom takes off after Qatar’s tourism industry is hit

Canada’s economic boom following Qatar’s 2022 World Cup has boosted tourism, but critics say the country is also lagging behind its neighbours.

Article 4 of the World Economic Forum’s latest report found Canada was the most visited country in the world with 7.4 million visits in 2018, while China was second with 6.6 million.

But the report said Canada’s growth rate has slowed in recent years as the economic fallout from the crisis in the Arab world continues to weigh on the region.

Article 5 of the report states that the impact of the 2022 World Series in Qatar has been felt across the country, including in the tourism industry.

In the United States, the report found that tourism in 2018 was down 1.7 per cent from last year and is down 1 per cent for 2018 compared to 2017.

The report says that in 2019 the number of Canadians visiting Qatar surpassed those from Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

“Canada has continued to grow at an impressive rate in recent times,” the report reads.

“Its 2017 numbers were almost double the number from last decade, and the number for 2018 was almost double that of 2018.

In 2018 Canada was also second in the global rankings of international tourism arrivals.”

The report also says the number in Canada is growing at a healthy rate, with the country now hosting more than 20 million people, with Canada hosting more per capita than any other country.

“The economic and social impacts of the crisis and its aftermath have affected the growth of tourism in Canada and elsewhere,” the authors wrote.

“However, the number remains relatively low compared to other countries, and despite the positive impact on Canada’s economy and the Canadian population, the overall impact of this economic downturn is not yet evident.”

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