GOP nominee seeks to expand tourism to Texas

Republican nominee for president Donald Trump has announced plans to expand the number of tourists visiting his home state, seeking to attract more Americans to the U.S. and bolster the tourism industry.

Trump’s plan to bring tourists to Texas and expand his business empire could help his party win a presidential election that has traditionally been a Republican stronghold.

Trump’s plans to create an economic zone for Texas would allow him to tap into a new demographic group, the so-called millennial generation.

The billionaire businessman and reality TV star has long touted his plans to build a massive tourist destination in his native state, which has seen a rapid rise in tourism, but has faced opposition from state officials who argue it would create a burden for businesses and put local residents at risk.

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Trump, who is running for reelection in November, said he plans to hire an executive to oversee the development of the new development and said he would also establish a new state agency to promote tourism in Texas.

The proposal is a major departure from previous Republican presidential nominees, who have focused on wooing tourists and attracting businesses to the state.

In 2016, Republican nominee Mitt Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, proposed a plan to expand visitor centers to Mexico and Canada, including expanding the number and size of the state-run tourist attractions.

That plan failed to gain traction.

Trump is aiming to do the opposite and has promised to boost the number, but he said he doesn’t want to create new regulations.

Trump told reporters at a campaign rally that he will “go to any length to make this happen,” adding, “I’m not going to be beholden to any one party.

I’m not even going to have to negotiate.”

He said the new zone would allow people to “walk out of the hotel and go into the airport and take the plane to a country that has a great tourism industry.”

Trump has previously talked about the potential for economic growth in Texas and has proposed to bring jobs and new businesses to his home turf.

He has previously said he’d like to expand his golf course and a hotel.

But the proposal is one of the most ambitious plans to draw visitors to Texas since it is based on Trump’s business interests, rather than any specific plans to bring visitors to the states.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Republican nominee has previously called Texas the “land of opportunity,” saying it is a “must-visit” state.

In recent months, Trump has visited the state, including to promote his own hotels, to raise money for his own businesses, and to hold campaign events in the state and in neighboring states.

Trump, who has been a major booster of the Texas economy and has been touting his business skills as a potential economic engine, has not yet announced his plan to create the new tourist zone, but it has been widely discussed on the campaign trail.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, left, speaks with former Texas Gov.

Rick Perry during a campaign event at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Fla., Thursday, March 7, 2021.AP/Charles DharapakThe Trump campaign has not immediately responded to a requests for comment on the proposal.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas said on Monday he supports the plan.

The Trump proposal would be the largest expansion of a state-wide tourism authority in U.H.A. history, said Jeff Fishel, the executive director of the National Tourism Infrastructure Association, which represents the tourism businesses.

The new authority will have the power to develop new tourism zones, expand existing zones and expand tourism at existing sites, he said.

In an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday, Trump said he hopes to open new tourist attractions, like a museum of American history or a new theme park, to tourists from Mexico and the Caribbean, where he has visited.

The U.N. agency that oversees the U,S.

Convention and Visitors Bureau, also said it is considering expanding the authority.

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