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— If you’re traveling to Kansas City, you’ll probably want to book your hotel room early in the day.

But if you want to experience the best Kansas City can offer, you might want to stay in the city’s premier hotel.

The Kansas City Chamber of Commerce estimates the average Kansas City hotel room is $1,100 per night, with a few exceptions.

That’s in line with the national average, but you might get some bargains with Kansas City’s priciest properties.

Here are some Kansas City hotels that you may not be familiar with, but that could make you feel at home.

The Big Apple The hotel is known as “Big Apple” for the high-end retail stores and restaurants that line the streets in downtown Kansas City.

The hotel opened in 2005.

The restaurant has expanded into several other Kansas City neighborhoods, and now has over 200 restaurants and 150 food trucks.

The lobby is spacious and cozy with a view of downtown Kansas and the skyline to the west.

Rooms start at $350 per night and can be double occupancy.

The Omni Hotel Kansas City is the city hotel with the most rooms and suites.

Rooms can range from $1 to $2,500 per night.

The Hilton Kansas City features an upscale suite with three bedrooms, a bath, and a full-size bathtub.

Rooms cost $3,400 per night for double occupancy or $5,000 for single occupancy.

One of the most popular hotel rooms is the Sheraton Kansas City at $4,400.

Rooms are available for both double occupancy and single occupancy, with room rates starting at $2.50 per night in the lobby and $2 per night outside.

The Grand Hyatt Kansas City offers suites, private rooms, and banquet facilities.

The suites are available with two to five people per night with a standard breakfast, lunch, dinner, and early dinner menu.

Rooms range from a $6,500 suite for two to seven people with two complimentary breakfast items and an optional beverage package, to $7,000 with three rooms and a private bathroom.

Rooms have a full bar and bar snacks, a breakfast buffet, and two complimentary beverages.

Rooms may also be double or triple occupancy, depending on the hotel’s rate.

If you don’t want to use your room, you can choose from an array of breakfast and lunch items to your liking.

Rooms also come with a full night’s worth of hotel service.

The Signature Inn Kansas City has a beautiful waterfront view of Downtown Kansas City with a pool, beach volleyball courts, and marina.

The signature hotel room, which is available to rent, has a private balcony, and an infinity pool, all complete with heated tubs and hot tubs.

The room can also be furnished with a bed, chairs, and couches.

The DoubleTree Kansas City Hotel offers rooms from $3.50 to $5 per night per person.

Rooms begin at $3 per night to double occupancy, or $3 for single room occupancy.

Rooms for up to six people are available.

Rooms come with complimentary breakfast, a buffet lunch, and complimentary beverage packages.

The Comfort Inn Kansas, which opened in 2008, is the largest hotel in the Kansas City metro area.

Rooms in the Comfort Inn include a lounge area with two beds and two king beds.

Rooms feature a full bathroom and a queen bed, and they also come equipped with a fully stocked bar and buffet.

The dining room is decorated with plush furniture and a king bed, while the breakfast buffet has a large, open-air kitchen.

The rooms have a fully equipped bar and a buffet breakfast, and are fully furnished.

Rooms from $2 to $3 are available and range from single occupancy to double.

The Downtown Hotel Kansas has the most suites, suites, and private rooms in the downtown area.

Suite options include one- and two-bedroom suites, two- and three-bedroom, and four- and five-bedroom.

Rooms include breakfast, breakfast buffet meals, and dinner and dinner buffet items.

Rooms offer complimentary breakfast and buffet breakfast items.

The Sheraton Grand Hyatts Kansas City opens on August 12, 2019.

Rooms at the hotel can range in price from $5.25 per night up to $8,000 per night depending on what you choose.

The Deluxe Suite at the Sherton Grand HyATT offers an array, including two private bathrooms and one queen bed.

Rooms available for two and four people range from private suites up to a five-night stay for $6.00 per night (two nights at a hotel is $12 per night).

Rooms start with breakfast buffet items and can double occupancy with up to four guests.

The Four Seasons Kansas City and Four Seasons Missouri City are the two largest Kansas City Hilton properties.

The luxury hotels have more than 400 rooms.

Rooms starting at up to two bedrooms are available at the two properties.

Rooms average $5 million.

Rooms and suites range from room rates from $6 to

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