How to plan a global tourism day

A week of events to mark the World Tourism Day (WTD) has been declared in the US, but it is not the only global celebration to be announced this week.

The official day of celebration is World Tourism Week, but the celebrations are not necessarily linked.

There are no official WTD events planned this week, but some are taking place this weekend, as the US and Europe mark the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

The events will also mark the arrival of more than 70,000 travellers in the UK, the UK has welcomed more than 7 million visitors since 9/10.

However, it is still not a major event, as it is only a part of a longer celebration of the UK’s contribution to the world.

This week, the BBC is bringing you an overview of the world’s largest WTD celebrations.

WTD UK and US In the UK the celebration will begin on Tuesday, April 19, with a series of events, including a visit by Queen Elizabeth II.

The first UK WTD event, called UK Wtd, will take place at Buckingham Palace, followed by a series in the Royal Parks in the centre of London, followed in the coming days by events at the UK Parliament, the British Museum, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

On Wednesday, the celebrations will kick off in the City of London with the launch of a World War II-themed commemorative programme.

WMD UK will run until Thursday, April 20, with an annual WMD Day, a day of commemorations and activities at the Royal United Services Institute.

The WMD World War 2 World War Two Memorial will also be open on the same day, with events at various sites around the country including the National War Memorial in London, the Government Buildings in Edinburgh, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Glasgow, the Imperial War Museum in London and the Tower of London.

The Royal United States of America, in the United States, is scheduled to mark its centenary on Thursday, May 11, with ceremonies at the US Capitol in Washington DC, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, and the Washington Monument in downtown Washington.

The celebrations will run through to the Independence Day weekend, with the first major event to be held in New York on Thursday night, May 12.

The National Day of Remembrance will also feature the first National Security Council meeting in more than 60 years, and on Thursday May 18, commemorations will be held at the Lincoln-Douglas Memorial in front of the Lincoln Library in Washington.

WTF US will follow with commemorations in several locations across the US.

The city of New York will hold a National Day to Remember event on Thursday April 21, marking the 70th anniversary of President Franklin D Roosevelt’s death, and at the New York State Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in Albany, NY, the Governor’s Day in June will include a ceremony and a reception for prisoners.

Next up for the UK is a WTF UK event on Friday May 25, as part of the World War I Centenary commemorations, with WTF events also taking place in other parts of the country.

Next month, in New Zealand, the WTF celebrations will continue in Auckland with a visit to a WTB memorial at Auckland’s Nelson Mandela Memorial.

WTS UK will also coincide with the 60th anniversary celebrations of the Battle of Britain, which is being held on the island of Britain on June 4-5.

Next year, celebrations will start at the end of September with a major WTF Day, with more than 50 events planned around the world including events in the British Empire Museum in Canterbury, the Nelson Mandela International Stadium in Johannesburg and the WTB Memorial in Edinburgh.

Wts US and World War One In World War 1, the Great War, the United Kingdom was invaded and occupied by Germany.

On the British side, the invasion was a major turning point in the war.

With Germany losing nearly half of the territory it had occupied, Britain and France declared war on the Germans on March 6, 1918, with Britain declaring war on France on April 15, as well as the Netherlands and Belgium.

On April 14, 1918 Britain invaded France and declared war against Germany, while Germany declared war, and France invaded Britain on April 22.

Germany and France were defeated by the United Nations and the Allies, but Britain, with its vast naval forces, still had the support of Germany and the United Sates.

In the US a large scale battle for the South Pacific occurred on April 28-29, and it was the Battle for the Western Front, in which US and British forces fought to end the war in Europe.

The Battle of the Somme, which ended the war, was the turning point of the war and saw the start of World War 3.

World War III, with Germany losing most of the land they occupied, was a war that lasted more than 40 years.

In 1945, the Allied victory in the Second World War brought the

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