How to spot a Chinese tourist with a fake tourist visa

If you ever had a Chinese visitor for the first time and were wondering how they got into your state, you’ll have to wait until next month.

On Wednesday, the California Department of Tourism and Visitors will announce a major change to the state’s visa requirements.

For the first three months of 2018, the state will require Chinese visitors to obtain a visa before entering the state, meaning a visa will not be required to enter California for Chinese nationals who are already here.

This announcement comes as a major embarrassment to Chinese tourists who, in recent years, have found themselves caught in the middle of a debate about how much they should be allowed to charge for Chinese food in the state.

Some Chinese, including some who have visited the state to experience its beauty, are calling for a more restrictive policy.

Others, like the state of Texas, have been quick to support the change, claiming that Chinese visitors who are seeking a cheaper, more tourist-friendly alternative to the country’s costly food can be found in Texas.

On Wednesday, a group of Chinese Americans gathered in San Antonio to celebrate their successes in California.

The event was held as part of the International Chinese American Congress, a non-profit organization that is calling for an end to the practice of Chinese American tourists using false tourist visas.

In an email sent to supporters, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance (CACA) stated: “California has become a magnet for Chinese tourists, who are used to being treated as second class citizens.

This type of exploitation creates barriers for the growing number of Chinese who seek out California for their dreams of moving to the United States.”

The CACA also stated that the new rules would not affect Chinese Americans who are traveling to California for work or tourism.

The CAHA explained that it had already reached out to the State Department of Public Health and Human Services and was working with the state attorney general’s office to make sure the state did not have a problem with fraudulent Chinese visitors.”CACA has received assurances that the Chinese visitors will be held accountable, and will be given the same opportunity as other visitors to get a California visa, even if the visit is not their first time visiting the state,” the group stated.

The group also urged Chinese Americans to stay away from California, as the state is “a gateway to many of the top destinations in the world.”

“It’s not fair for us to be the ones who are being penalized by the State of California when we’re the ones going out there and actually seeing our beautiful state,” one participant, who identified herself as Liu, told the Daily Caller.

The changes are a huge victory for Chinese Americans and the Chinese community in California, who have been frustrated by Chinese American visitors who exploit California’s tourism industry.

They also come at a time when Chinese Americans are also being targeted for their immigration status in other parts of the country, such as Mexico and South Korea.

In addition to the new visa requirements, the CACA said that the changes will require businesses to provide a Chinese interpreter at the time of their visit, a move that could cost many businesses millions of dollars.

According to a statement released by the group, “The CACHA is pleased that California has finally acted to address this serious problem, which threatens to destroy the relationship between Chinese Americans in the State and Chinese American businesses in California.”

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