How to protect yourself and others from the Zika virus

A traveler from Colombia to South America is one of a small but growing number of people who have contracted Zika virus in the Americas, according to a new report.

The study, by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), examined nearly 500 people who traveled to the region from Colombia between April and October, looking at symptoms and medical information about their cases.

The authors said the findings showed that while many people are already infected, the virus has caused “several hundred more cases in the United States and around the world.”

The findings, published in the journal BMJ, are based on information collected during the CDC’s “Travel Health” program, which aims to educate travelers about the symptoms and health risks of the virus.

The CDC has also begun issuing travel advisories for people in countries where the virus is spreading.

“We know that there is an increase in infections in the US and Europe, so we’re hoping to educate the public that Zika is a virus that can occur anywhere in the world,” Dr. David Furlong, an epidemiologist at the CDC and the study’s lead author, told Medical News Day.

The CDC’s Travel Health program is designed to educate people about the Zika-related symptoms and other health risks, and is conducted by CDC employees and volunteers. “

It’s more likely to happen in countries that are geographically close, like a border with a high population density.”

The CDC’s Travel Health program is designed to educate people about the Zika-related symptoms and other health risks, and is conducted by CDC employees and volunteers.

While travelers are not necessarily exposed to the virus directly, they are exposed to it through the bite of an infected mosquito or through direct contact with infected bodies.

For example, the CDC says that some people may contract Zika after visiting an area with the Zika outbreak.

According to the study, the number of travelers who tested positive for Zika rose from 25 cases in October to about 1,300 in December.

The number of cases of Zika infection rose from 10,500 to more than 50,000 cases, according the CDC.

The report, “Travelers from Colombia in the U.S. and in Europe: A survey of travelers from Colombia,” was led by Dr. Jonathan Lippman, director of the CDC Travel Health Program.

The survey was conducted between May and November.

The researchers looked at the health information of more than 700 people who had traveled to Colombia between March and November and collected medical information and medical records from them.

The research team also collected health information about more than 10,000 travelers who traveled between October and November of last year.

Of those who were tested, about 80 percent of those who had tested positive were infected with Zika virus.

They were also more likely than those who didn’t have Zika to have traveled to South or Central America, where the epidemic is spreading rapidly.

About one-third of those travelers who were infected tested positive.

Of the people who were not infected, about 10 percent were found to have the virus, the researchers said.

Of all those who tested negative, about 6 percent were infected, with the highest number of those infected being those in the country of Colombia.

About 5 percent of the travelers tested positive after visiting countries in the region where Zika is spreading fastest.

The people who tested in South America tested positive within a few weeks of travel, according, the report.

Among those who traveled from Colombia, the most common symptoms were fever, rash, and conjunctivitis.

About 7 percent of travelers tested negative.

A large majority of the people in the study were white, and the most likely group to be infected were men.

“While some cases may have been related to travel, others were related to exposure to the Zika Virus and to other travel-related infections,” Dr, David Falton, the lead author of the study and professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Southern California, told HealthDay.

He said it was possible that the CDC missed a number of infected people.

“For example, we didn’t know whether people had been exposed to a virus in a health care facility, or to a person who had been infected in the community,” Dr Faltong said.

He added that the study may not have captured all cases because of a variety of factors, including the fact that some travelers who contracted Zika were not tested for other infections, like pneumonia or malaria.

Dr. Faltons study, which was conducted in Colombia and was funded by the CDC, was published in JAMA Infectious Diseases.

It was not a follow-up study to another study that looked at travelers in the same time period, which has been conducted by the Centers of Disease Control.

The new study was one of several published in late December that focused on people who returned from South America.

Dr Furlond said the CDC study, while not looking at all travelers returning from South American countries, was

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