How to open Hawaii tourism to foreign visitors

The Hawaiian Tourism Authority (HTAA) announced Monday that its reopening to tourists from other countries will be open to the public on Wednesday.

HTAA, which is managed by the Department of Tourism and Land Use, said in a press release that the reopening is the first of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.

“The Hawaiian Tourism Agency is proud to serve the Hawaiian community with a welcoming welcoming environment for all visitors, and welcomes all visitors to enjoy our state’s stunning scenery, history and culture,” said HTAA Executive Director Mark Luebke.

The reopening will open to visitors who have applied to be included in the HTA’s general visitor program.

HTAAA said the new program allows Hawaii to open up its tourism experience for the next generation of visitors.

“This will be a welcome addition to the local tourism landscape,” said Mark Luesbke, the executive director of HTAA.

“Hawaii is a place that people love to visit and we are thrilled that this is an opportunity for our visitors to come to our state to experience this unique experience.”

In addition to Hawaii, the re-opening of HTA facilities in Washington state, Alaska, Oregon and California will be announced at a later date.

In August, Hawaii officials opened the first tourist office in Hawaii’s capital city, Honolulu, for the purpose of connecting the state’s tourist industry with the state and its international visitors.

The state will open its first tourist hotel and hotel-condo on March 10, 2019.

HTAAAA is managed under the Hawaiian Tourism Administration and the Department for Land and Natural Resources (DLNR).

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