Morocco’s tourism boom is a big hit

The Moroccan tourism industry has been booming for more than two years, thanks to a new wave of investment from foreign investors, according to the country’s tourism chief.

Hussein Yousif said the growth of Morocco’s tourist industry in recent years has been “very, very impressive” as Moroccan citizens are now looking abroad for an alternative to the costly travel they once had to take to Morocco.

But tourism is not only about spending money.

The boom has also been fueled by Morocco’s political system, which Yousaf said has fostered an “open” environment and fostered the growth in Morocco’s economy.

Morocco’s economy is currently growing at around 5% annually, which is nearly the same as the world average.

But it is a sign of economic recovery, Yousaff said.

He said Morocco is on track to overtake Brazil as the most populous nation in Latin America in 2020, as well as becoming the region’s biggest exporter of goods and services.

The country is also poised to overtake the U.S. as the second-biggest export destination in Latin American, Ysaf said.

And tourism is a major component of this.

Tourism has been growing at about 5% in recent months, according with the Ministry of Tourism.

But Yousaif said Morocco has also witnessed a sharp decline in the number of visitors and their money.

This is due to a lack of investment in tourism infrastructure and infrastructure investment in Morocco.

And that is something that has not gone unnoticed by the tourism sector, Yssaf said in a statement.

“Moroccan tourists have been waiting for this development for quite some time.

And they have been extremely disappointed with the current state of affairs,” Ysassaf said, referring to the lack of progress in the country.”

We have seen an increase in the amount of tourists, and it has been a good time for tourists, but the number has not increased enough to compensate the loss of income,” he added.”

This has led to an increase of tourist spending that has contributed to a decrease in revenue for the Ministry.”

Ysassf said Morocco’s growth has been fueled partly by the opening of new destinations such as the Grand Mosque, a project that began in 2019.

“For the first time in history, a tourist is allowed to go to a mosque without paying for a ticket.

It is now possible to see the Grand Palace from anywhere in Morocco, and the Grand Bazaar,” he said.

Ysaff said the Grand Hotel has also provided an alternative for tourists to the congested city, and that it has become a new model of tourism for the country as a whole.

The Grand Hotel opened in March of this year and is the largest hotel in the world.

Yssaff said it is now one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Morocco and has generated an additional $40 million in revenue every year since its opening.

Yssaf also noted that tourism spending in Morocco has decreased in recent times due to the economic crisis.

“Since last summer, tourism has decreased significantly.

In a few years, the tourism spending will have decreased to the point that it will not be able to keep up with the economic situation,” he explained.”

And so, it is up to the tourism industry to support tourism spending by providing them with additional capital, infrastructure, and new attractions and attractions,” Yssafa said.

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