Savannah Tourism to launch online tour of the Great Smoky Mountains region

The Savannah Tourism Corporation is launching a new online tour in collaboration with the Great Smokey Mountains Conservancy to showcase the incredible biodiversity in the region.

In a news release, the Savannah Tourism Corp. says that the tour will feature some of the world’s greatest outdoor activities, including the Blue Ridge Parkway, Appalachian Trail, Appalachian Wildfire Area, and the Mount Wilson Observatory.

The group will offer a one-day “wildfire-inspired” trip to see how the region’s spectacular wilderness is changing with the changing seasons.

The company says it is aiming to make the tour “more accessible to the public,” with tours that take in a variety of locations including the mountains themselves.

The tour will include a guided tour through the Great Basin’s famous Blue Ridge Trail, and will include educational content and informational tours about the Great Swamp Swamp.

The Savannah Tourism Group says it has partnered with the Conservancy in order to offer visitors a unique opportunity to see what the region is really like, and to help educate people about the nature of the region and its history.

The tour is scheduled to begin on March 4, and it will run until May 15.

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