Kerala tourism industry to benefit from high-end hotels, resorts, bars, restaurants, restaurants and pubs

Tourism is expected to reap an estimated $3 billion a year by the end of the decade, with the boom in luxury hotels, resort resorts and bars expected to deliver another $1 billion.

Key points:Tourism officials say they want to make Kerala a “major tourism hub”Tourism Minister Jayakumar says Kerala will be the first state in the country to become the centre of the tourism industry in a decadeTourists will be spending an estimated 20-30% of their income in Kerala, with hotels and restaurants the mainstay of the industryIn a state of over 10 million people, Kerala is one of the most popular destinations in the world, with an estimated 80% of tourists choosing the state as their first destination, the Tourism Department of Kerala said.

Kerala Tourism Minister Jayabalan said the boom was being fuelled by the arrival of some “super luxury hotels” and the development of “big bars” across the state.

“Tourists are spending more and more of their money in Kerala than any other state in India, so we will make it a major tourism hub,” Mr Jayakuma said.

“In terms of hotels, they are the big hotels.

We will have four to five mega-hotels in the next five years, and we will be making it a centre of tourism.”

The Tourism Department is working on plans to attract more tourists to the state by providing more than 1,200 hotels in the state, with more to come.

“We are looking to create more than one million jobs in Kerala in the tourism sector, and that’s going to be the most significant job creation,” Mr Kavita Natarajan, secretary general of the Kerala Tourism Association (KTA), said.

The Government’s Tourism Promotion Board (TPPB) will be responsible for planning and funding the construction of luxury hotels and resorts, and providing the infrastructure to provide services like restaurants, bars and cafes.KTA president Srikanth Nataraja said there were already plans in place to expand Kerala tourism.

“The Government is also in discussions with private developers to make a hotel and a resort, and there will be some other projects in the pipeline,” Mr Nataraji said.

Key point:The TPPB will be looking at ways to attract tourists to KeralaTourism department officials said there would be a “big push” from tourism authorities to develop the tourist industry and the economy.

“There will be a push for more than 200 luxury hotels in Kerala.

We are going to look at what we can do to create the most bang for our buck,” Mr Oluwale Gonye, chief executive officer of the Tourism Development Board (TDB), said in a statement.

Mr Jayakumans comments come a week after the TDB was asked to assess whether there was enough infrastructure and facilities to cater to the increasing demand for accommodation in the city.KOTAS tourism department said it was committed to improving the quality of life in Kerala by building new hotels, bars or other amenities, including bars and restaurants.

“Kerala is a city where people are constantly moving around and changing, so that will be an important challenge to overcome.

We have already taken steps in this direction, but we have a long way to go in terms of our development,” Mr Gonyech said.

Tourism Department officials said the new hotels would be developed in conjunction with the TAB and the Tourism Authority of India (TAI).

“We want to be part of the plan to transform the state into the major tourism centre of India.

We need to be proactive and ambitious to ensure that we take care of our environment,” Mr Tatarajann said.

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