Why you should be heading to Madagascar tourism

If you are planning to visit the lush tropical island of Madagascar, be sure to pack your bags and plan ahead.

The country’s tourism sector has seen a rapid rise in the past few years, thanks to the country’s thriving tourism industry and a strong tourism industry in the United States.

In 2016 alone, Madagascar saw a record $1.6 billion in international tourists, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

The industry is still relatively new, and its growth is not necessarily limited to tourists, but it does seem to be expanding in the U.S.

A thriving tourism sector in the US has resulted in an explosion of tourism activity for Madagascar.

According to a report released by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, the tourism industry is the fastest-growing industry in America.

The report found that between 2010 and 2015, tourism revenue in the state of Maryland jumped from $1 billion to $5.4 billion.

In total, the report found, over $7.5 billion in total tourism revenues were generated in the USA.

The surge in tourism has brought with it increased demand for Madagascar’s natural resources, and the tourism sector can be one of the most critical factors in supporting the countrys economy.

While the US’s tourism industry may be the most vibrant in the world, it is still limited.

While it is the second largest economy in the region behind Madagascar, it only accounts for around one-quarter of the island’s gross domestic product.

While that is not a bad amount, it means that most of Madagascar’s tourism revenue is spent on its traditional industries, such as agriculture and tourism.

In fact, nearly half of Madagascars GDP is derived from tourism, which means that the island is dependent on tourism.

While tourism is growing, it does not come without risks.

The tourism sector, however, is working to address these risks by investing in projects that support economic growth, diversify the economy, and protect the environment.

In a world that has been inundated with tourism, the importance of natural resources is becoming increasingly apparent.

While Madagascar has been in turmoil for decades, the country is starting to look a bit different.

With the country facing the worst economic crisis in its history, it has become increasingly important for the tourism community to focus on protecting the country.

Madagascar’s first international airport, called the Chittagong International Airport, opened in 2017, and it has since been upgraded with new facilities.

However, the majority of Madagascaris tourism is still dependent on the countryís natural resources.

It is important to note that Madagascar is not alone in this issue, as some other islands, such, the Solomon Islands, have also experienced a rapid expansion in tourism.

It is not just the tourism that is important in Madagascar, but also the economy.

According the report, tourism has the potential to create an additional $2.7 billion in economic activity in the country, which is good news for the country and its people.

However not all is roses in the landscape.

While Madagascar has the largest GDP in Africa, it ranks just 46th on the World Economic Forum’s 2016 list of the world’s most vulnerable countries.

In addition, the economy is also at risk due to a shortage of labor and the lack of a clear path forward to development.

While the economy has been growing, the infrastructure is not yet ready for the demands that come with a booming tourism industry.

However the potential is there, and Madagascar has a long way to go in its quest to become a world leader in tourism and development.

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