‘We are a nation of immigrants’ – PM Modi says, as Indians celebrate Diwali

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said India’s history of being the country of immigrants is its greatest strength and its greatest challenge.

Mr Modi’s speech came a day after his party-led government launched a campaign to celebrate the festival of Diwala, the festival marking the birth of the Hindu god Vishnu, with celebrations in cities across the country.

Mr Trump said the celebrations would have a positive impact on the country’s economy.

The US president said India has “been an immigrant nation”.

He said his administration has been working with Indian partners to ensure that every Indian family can enjoy the celebration of the festival, which celebrates the birth and sacrifice of the deity of prosperity, prosperity and hope.

Mr Xi also announced that India will build an artificial island off the coast of Myanmar, which he said would be a “great asset” for its economy.

China has built artificial islands off its coast in the South China Sea, in an apparent bid to assert its claims to a slice of the South and East China Seas.

China and Russia have long argued that any such island would be strategically important.

The announcement was made after Mr Xi, who is due to visit India on Friday, met the Indian prime minister and foreign minister in New Delhi.

In his speech, Mr Modi said India is “a nation of migrants” and the country has “lifted up its shoulders in many directions”.

“In a short span of time, India has become a great economic power.

India is now a great nation of people.

And India has lifted up its shoulder in many ways,” Mr Modi told his countrymen.”

India has become an immigrant country.

It is the greatest strength of our country.

This is our strength.

We are a proud nation of immigration,” Mr Xi said.”

We are all immigrants, we all have our story and we all love this country.

We love the country we call home,” he added.

Mr Obama and Mr Xi were due to hold a joint news conference later on Monday.

Mr Turnbull said on Sunday the United States and China would “continue to build on our bilateral ties”.

“We will continue to support India and its leaders to advance the cause of human rights and the rule of law, we will support India in advancing its international standing, and we will continue our engagement in promoting a more peaceful world,” he said.

India and the US have already held a summit in Washington in May that will discuss the situation in Myanmar.

On Monday, Mr Xi also promised a new $1bn aid package to help millions of people displaced by the conflict in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, a state of strife between Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims.

He said the package would be “more than just a donation” to help people displaced in the region.


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