How to buy the best of heritage tourism in New Zealand

New Zealand’s heritage tourism industry has taken a hit in recent years, with many businesses closing due to the government’s tough anti-corruption policies.

Now, some of the country’s largest tourist attractions are facing closure for up to a year.

The Times reports that the country has a long history of tourism, but has struggled with the increasing popularity of technology-driven tourism.

While the government has worked to keep a lid on the growing trend, there is still a long way to go before tourism becomes sustainable.

New Zealand tourism is the world’s largest, with a GDP of $12.2 billion, and the country was once considered a “golden nation” by many.

But after the global financial crisis, the country experienced a drop in visitor numbers and the government shut down many of the nation’s most popular tourist attractions.

In recent years New Zealand has seen a surge in tourism, with the tourism industry contributing $1.7 billion in tourism to the country last year.

That’s down by more than $100 million since the end of last year, with some of those funds coming from private investors and private operators.

It’s unclear how many businesses are actually closing.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Tourism told The Times that they were not looking at any specific companies.

But some of them are closing for safety reasons, or due to economic factors.

“We’re not sure if that’s because of the financial challenges, or whether it’s because there are a lot of people that are using the tourist experience, or just the fact that it’s been a very successful business for a long time,” the spokesperson told The Guardian.

Many of the closures are due to changes to the New Zealand Government’s Anti-Corruption Bill, which was passed in June 2016.

The bill allows for the cancellation of the visas of foreign nationals who “engage in corrupt activity”.

Those with visas will be issued with travel authorizations for up for a year, and will have to show they’ve avoided all of the corruption allegations and financial scandals that have come up in the past.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment told The Associated Press that it does not discuss the specific reasons for closures, but that it will “continue to work closely with the Government to ensure our people are not unfairly impacted by these changes.”

New Zealand Tourism has long been a leader in the New Zealander tourism industry.

In the past, it was one of the most popular destinations for tourists, and was even used to showcase the country during the Great Barrier Reef.

It has also grown into a major business in the tourism sector, with hotels, hostels, and motels becoming a major part of the economy.

But with the closure of the New Zeland Tourism Park, it’s now one of New Zealands most important tourism attractions, and many of its most popular attractions have been shut down.

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