What Norway Tourism’s Key To Be Aware Of

Norway has the highest number of visitors per capita in Europe, but it also has the lowest tourism income per capita.

That’s because of a lack of tourism infrastructure and a lack the ability to attract the kind of crowds that the country needs to stay afloat.

We have a lot of work to do to make Norway a destination of choice for visitors, but this year’s tour season could be the most important yet.

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“The key to success is to find ways to connect people and to create a social and cultural space where you can do it in a safe and fun way,” said Bjørn Hauge, head of Norway’s tourism office.

As Norway’s tourist industry, which accounts for more than a third of the country’s total economy, is on the decline, Hauge said it is imperative that the tourism sector continues to develop in order to keep up with demand and generate revenue.

The country is looking at a possible 10 percent increase in tourists in 2017.

Hauge said that the first step to building a successful Norwegian tourism industry is to develop a “culture of innovation,” which means that businesses should use social media to reach out to tourists and to educate them about local events.

He said that there are three key elements to successful Norwegian travel: (1) make sure people are entertained, (2) make it possible to visit local sights and to learn about the local culture, and (3) support the local economy.

One of Hauge’s key priorities is to ensure that people who want to visit Norway are able to do so.

That includes ensuring that visitors can travel within a reasonable time frame and that they can enjoy their trip without feeling rushed.

According to Hauge there are five ways in which Norwegian tourists can get a better experience.

First, Hauges said that tourists should be encouraged to visit more local attractions, such as lakes and parks, in the evenings and weekends.

(Hauges said Norway’s national holiday is “Kilimdal.”

It is the longest-running and most popular of all Norway’s holiday weekends.)

Second, Haugen said that Norwegian tourists should plan their trips in advance and make sure that they are comfortable with the Norwegian language.

This can be done by making sure that the restaurant, hotel, hostel and other accommodation is in Norwegian.

Third, Hauging said that it is essential to have a safe, enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere.

Lastly, Haug said that visitors should visit their local town to meet locals, learn more about the culture and local people and enjoy the local foods and services.

These are all areas that Hauge hopes to see more of during his visit to Norway in the coming months.

Read more about Norway tourism and tourism in general here.

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