The world’s most beautiful ski resort is getting a new name: Montezuma

It has been a rough couple of years for Montezumas ski resort.

But it looks like that could be about to change. 

The resort announced Wednesday that it will rename the resort to Montezama.

It will take effect on March 2.

The resort will open in the spring.

“It was something that was on my bucket list to try to build and bring back something that’s been missing for a long time,” said Montezma president and CEO Joe Foscarinis.

“We feel it’s important to bring back some excitement and some quality and some fun for the people who are here, so that we can continue to provide something that we believe people want to come here for.”

The resort is located in a remote part of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, and the name was inspired by the legendary ski resort that sits right outside the resort’s gates.

The name Montezamasca has been in use since 1928, and it means “mountain’s light.”

In the past decade, Montezamas operations have been hit by a series of natural disasters that have damaged the property’s historic building, shut down the resort and caused major disruptions.

The resort has also had a number of major fires, and its resort manager said this year that the number of fires that occurred had increased dramatically.

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