Which country’s tourism is growing fastest?

On a recent visit to Ghana, a small, African nation, I found a small but enthusiastic group of visitors who seemed to enjoy the country’s exotic beauty.

The men who gathered in front of the hotel’s grand piano had long beards and wore sunglasses as they listened to the music.

One of them, a former police officer who asked that I not use his name, said, “You know, when we are talking about tourism, it’s like you have to have a passport, a visa and a hotel reservation before you can come here.”

In other words, you must have a tourist visa to get into the country.

But in Ghana, the rule of thumb is that if you can’t get a tourist card, you probably can’t stay.

The only way to stay here is if you are a citizen of one of the 13 African countries with no permanent resident status.

And the government says that the vast majority of its visitors are locals who are allowed to stay and work in Ghana.

But the Ghana Tourism Authority, the countrys tourism body, doesn’t track the numbers of tourists who come here as they come and don’t have to pay taxes or other fees to the government.

In a country where the economy is teetering on the brink of collapse, that makes it difficult to attract more foreigners.

The countrys Tourism Authority also says that it has seen a decline in visitors to its countrys capital, Accra, in recent years.

But many Ghanaians I spoke with said they were frustrated by the slow pace of changes in the country that once enjoyed the world’s third-highest tourism rankings.

They said they felt like foreigners were being pushed out by the government because it was too slow to implement the new visa requirements.

The Ghana Tourism Ministry says it has not yet decided on how many foreign tourists will be allowed to visit Ghana this year.

The government is working on the issue, but there is no official timeline.

And there are some signs that the government may not be ready to give in to the demands of the international community that it will close the border between Ghana and Senegal, an African nation that has been experiencing a surge in border-crossers from Chad and Cameroon.

“We have to close our borders and then we will see,” said Mohamed Alabash, an Accra-based journalist.

“It’s not a question of whether the Ghana government will do it.

We have to see how they react to the fact that there are no borders.

We cannot allow people who come from the West to enter our country.”

But as long as foreigners are not allowed to enter the country, it will be a challenge to attract new visitors.

“When you see a country that has so many foreigners, the whole tourism industry is going to be affected,” said Muhamed Alghadara, a prominent Ghanaian journalist who writes about tourism.

“So you cannot allow foreign tourists to come to Ghana.”

The government has been cracking down on people smugglers, and its crackdown has led to a steep drop in international arrivals, which are up from about a million a year in the early 2000s.

The number of people traveling illegally through Ghana has plummeted from more than 1 million in 2001 to less than 100,000 in 2013, according to Ghana’s Migration Service.

But it is not just the country of Africa that is facing a shortage of international visitors.

Some of the worlds most famous cities are also struggling with the arrival of more people from the Middle East and Asia.

Some countries in South America, like Brazil, have had trouble finding enough residents to fill jobs in hotels and restaurants.

Some cities, like Dubai, have struggled with the number of foreign tourists coming to the city, a major economic engine for the Middle Eastern emirates.

“I think the international situation is changing and I think the world is changing,” said Adi Sotoudeh, a Dubai resident and director of the Dubai Office of the Tourism Association.

“The demand for tourism is very, very high, and we have to find the solution to that.”

But he added that it is unlikely that the new visas will bring in enough tourists to offset the loss in income.

The Government of Ghana, which is in charge of the country and is heavily dependent on international tourism, has been making the rounds in international capitals to plead for more foreign tourists.

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture in Ghana has been pushing for new visa regulations that would allow more people to come and stay in the kingdom.

The International Tourism Agency, a Washington-based nonprofit organization that promotes international tourism and is a major advocate for tourism in Africa, has published an online survey showing that the majority of Ghanaians want the country to tighten visa requirements to encourage more international visitors to the country by creating a “more open and welcoming environment for foreigners.”

And the country has been working to attract foreigners with the introduction of a $15-a-night subsidy for foreign tourists and the creation of a new national tourism

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