Why Iceland’s tourist hotspots are in trouble

The tourism industry in Iceland has taken a big hit in recent years, and that has left a lot of people out of work.

That has resulted in a lot more people visiting the country than they would have otherwise, and the government is trying to help.

As part of the efforts to address the shortage of skilled labor, a new initiative called Iceland’s Tourism Industry is opening up a new field of business, which will create opportunities for the Icelandic workforce.

That new field is called Icelands Economic Development Authority (FIA), which will open up a business to hire local labor in the islands economy.

“The FIA has been designed to help in the economic development of the Icelandic economy by providing a new industry of Icelandic employment for those who wish to create a career in tourism, or who wish not to be unemployed in the tourism industry,” Icelands Ministry of Economy said in a press release.

The government says that there are about 300 Icelandic workers currently in the field of tourism.

That number has increased by about 50 percent since 2014, when there were just over 300.

The FIA is also looking to hire a team of experienced workers.

In an interview with The Guardian, the agency’s CEO told the newspaper that the agency will hire a full-time workforce of 50, and will start by hiring Icelandic citizens.

The new team will have to have the right skills, the company says, and a high degree of English.

The Icelandic workforce will be needed for the FIA’s three main activities: marketing, finance, and social welfare.

Those are the three most important areas of the company’s operations, which include all of its financial services, including credit card processing, and all of the marketing and tourism activities.

There will also be a small number of staff for social welfare, the BBC reported.

The news is good news for Iceland’s economy, as the Icelandic government was already struggling with the lack of foreign talent when it launched its Tourism Industry initiative in 2015.

But as Icelands unemployment rate increased to over 14 percent in 2017, it wasn’t long before the government started cutting back on the number of jobs in its country.

Iceland’s Economy Minister, Bjarni Benediktsson, said that there will be a cutback in jobs in the FIA once the initiative is up and running.

“We will start with the tourism sector, which we are aiming for by 2020,” Benediktsons statement read.

Icelands Tourism Industry, which has a total of 20 employees, is hoping to have its first full-fledged staff up and operating in the next year.

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