The UK’s tourism industry could be hit by the Zika virus

More than half of UK tourists are already being affected by the virus, with the UK Travel Association warning that the number of affected tourists could grow.

The travel industry could also suffer a significant blow from the virus.

Many countries already have strict regulations on when and where people can visit, so a virus outbreak would likely have a knock-on effect.

The UK’s Tourism and Leisure Industry Association (TLIA) has published a warning about the potential impacts of the Zika outbreak on the UK’s tourist industry.

“We are concerned that the virus could have a negative impact on our business, and could cause a further downturn in the UK tourism industry,” TLIA chairman Sir Nicholas Walshe told The Times.

“Many UK businesses already face disruption and may not be able to continue with their business model.”

The threat of the virus has been a major focus for the UK Government and tourism companies alike, but now, with a potential Zika outbreak, this has been magnified by the potential for economic impact.

“The UK has been hit by an economic slowdown in recent months, with consumer spending falling for the second consecutive quarter, while exports and the number working abroad fell.

The government has been forced to reverse its austerity policies to try and get back on track, but has so far been unable to do so.

The number of cases of the new coronavirus has already surpassed 100,000, which is the threshold to be considered for an official government health warning.

It has also seen a significant rise in the number and frequency of cases.

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