The 10 coolest Hawaiian tourist attractions to visit in Hawaii

Honolulu, HI—You’ve probably seen it before: the iconic Haleakala volcano.

If you’ve been to Hawaii, you’ve probably heard the stories about the “kapapa” that’s the most visited tourist attraction in the country.

The volcano is known for its breathtaking views of the island’s rolling coastline and majestic white peaks.

But what if you want to see Hawaii for the first time?

The Haleakla Tourist Board has put together an itinerary that takes you through some of the most amazing and fascinating places to see Hawaiian culture, history, and wildlife.

Check it out and learn how you can get there.


Hawaiian Culture Museum and Gardens Honolulu, Hawaii—This unique cultural hub, located on the southernmost tip of the Hawaiian Islands, houses the Hawaiian Museum of Art, which is one of the world’s largest collections of prehistoric art, including a collection of art from the Neolithic period.

The museum is open year round, with free admission.


Haleakalani State Park—This national park is home to one of Hawaii’s oldest and most pristine marine reserves, and is one the most popular spots in the Hawaiian islands for hiking, fishing, and scuba diving.

It’s also a favorite for those who want to explore Hawaii’s coastal areas.

It features stunning scenery, a large number of species of birds, and a large amount of fish.


Maui’s Kealakekua National Park—Located in a volcanic crater, this park features the world-famous Kealakaua Point Marine Park, home to a rare collection of rare fossils, including specimens of ancient sea creatures and marine life that were likely preserved in lava flows.


Koolau Falls—Located about 40 miles south of Honolulu, this popular waterfall, located near the intersection of Highway 111 and Highway 1, is famous for its spectacular falls and breathtaking views.

It is also one of Hawai’i’s largest tourist attractions.


Mauii Beach—Maui is known as the world capital of Hawaiian culture because of the abundance of cultural artifacts found in the island nation.

But the island also has a lot of other amazing places to explore, including the Koolu Beach State Park, which has a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy.


Kahoolawe Beach—Located just off Highway 101, Kahoolawa Beach is a popular destination for beachgoers and surfers.

It offers many different water activities, including surfing, scuba, and kayaking.


Kohala Beach—This popular beach, located just south of Kahoolawanau Beach State Beach State park, is home the Kahoolaniu Beach and Beach Recreation Center, which features a wide variety of recreational opportunities.


Mauka Beach—Another popular beach in Kahoolaina, Mauka is the home of the Kahulaniu Park and the Mauka Visitor Center.

The park also offers a variety.


Kahulawe National Park-The largest park in Hawaii, Kahulawa National Park spans over 5 million acres and features the Kauaʻi National Park and other locales.

It also has an amazing diversity of wildlife species, including native Hawaiian birds, sea lions, and whales.


Hula, the Hawaiian language The language of Hawaii is the language of Hula—an indigenous language.

Hawaiian is the national language of Hawaiʻī, and Hula has become the dominant language in Hawaiʺi, accounting for more than 90 percent of the country’s native languages.

This is a great way to learn Hula if you’re just getting into the Hawaiian Language.

If your goal is to get a better grasp of Hawaiian, here are some ways to learn it: Speak Hawaiian—It’s easy to get the language down to a level where you can learn and speak it.

The main way to do this is by reading or listening to the Hawaiian alphabet.

Learn Hawaiian Sign Language—There are several Hawaiian sign languages, but they’re usually taught in the form of native Hawaiian dialects.

These dialects differ slightly from each other, but each has its own distinctive features, such as vowel and consonant patterns, sounds, and even words.

If learning Hawaiian is your thing, try these other ways to get your feet wet: Learn to Hula Sign Language with a Hawaiian Signer—You can learn Hulau Sign Language in a way that will make you feel comfortable with the language and the people that speak it, and the Hula signs will be the perfect way to start.

Take the Hawaiian Hula Quiz—This is an easy way to figure out if you understand the native Hawaiian language.

If not, you might need to start from scratch.

The Hula language is an important part of Hawaiian heritage and culture, and it’s easy for non-native speakers to pick up on.

If that’s your thing and you can’t wait to start speaking Hawaiian, you can try Hula sign language with a native Hawaiian

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