How to get to Denmark from New York

Visitors to Denmark have been warned not to travel to New York on New Year’s Eve if they plan to celebrate with friends or family in the United States.

Tourism Minister Henrik Førberg announced the ban on New Years Eve on Thursday in a press conference.

The ban is expected to affect more than 7 million visitors to Denmark in the next two weeks, according to the Danish Tourism Board (DTB).

The DTB said the ban applies to all New Year celebrations and celebrations with people of all ages, ethnicities and religious beliefs.

“We will not allow people to celebrate in a place where people are subjected to harassment, violence and intimidation,” Føerberg said.

Tourists are also not allowed to participate in the celebrations in Denmark, even if they have a passport and will not be allowed to go to a designated area of the country.

New Year’s celebrations have been the target of anti-immigrant sentiment and anti-Islam attacks, and in February police used tear gas to disperse anti-Muslim demonstrations in Denmark’s second largest city of Aarhus.

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