Pekistan tourism to hit $300 million in 2022

A new book from Pekistani writer Nargesh Chaudhry shows that Pek is on the cusp of becoming the tourism hub of Pakistan.

Chaudher, who has written many books, said that the Pek tourism industry is at its peak.

“Pakistan is one of the top 10 destinations for international travellers,” Chaudhy said.

“The number of foreign tourists in Pakistan is estimated at around 50 million, of which, about 80% are from the West.

Pek has become the most popular destination of choice.””

I was told by a tourist that the country has around 150,000 hotels.

It is possible that Peking will become the third most popular tourist destination in Pakistan, behind Dubai and Singapore,” Choudhry said.

He said the book is aimed at educating the public on Pek Tourism, a region with a history that dates back more than 100 years.

“The first time I visited Pek in the 1990s, I remember being impressed by the beauty of the landscape and the architecture of Pek.

A few years later, Pek had become a popular destination, attracting millions of visitors, who visited the city every day.

This book will help travellers learn more about Pek, which is one the most diverse tourist destinations in the world,” Charthi said.

The book, titled Pek: The Next Great City, was published by Pek Institute for Business Development, a Pek-based NGO.

Charthey said the first part of the book was aimed at tourism professionals and the book would help tourists get to know Pek more.

The second part of Charthry’s book, entitled Pek’s Future, was aimed to inform the public about Peking’s future, he said.

The book also highlights Pek and the region’s role in the global economy.

Pekistan Tourism is a major industry in the country, with about 3,400 hotel rooms and more than 20,000 bars, restaurants and cinemas, according to the Ministry of Tourism.

Charts published by the Ministry show that Pak has a tourist-friendly economy.

According to the ministry, there are about 7,000 daily air travellers from across the country and there are more than 10,000 flights from Peking to other cities in Pakistan.

Peks tourism, which started in the 1980s, has grown steadily, according Chaudhi.

He added that the tourism sector was one of Pakistan’s most promising growth sectors.

“There are several projects underway in Pek to boost tourism and economic development.

This includes the establishment of hotels and restaurants in the Peking area and opening a hotel in the city of Lahore.

There are also plans to build a new international airport in the region.

There is also a strong demand for Pek as the next big city in Pakistan,” Chadhi said, adding that the region is also being eyed by foreign investors.

“If Pek can attract more investors, it will help the economy.”

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