What you need to know about guam’s tourism boom

GUAM — The Philippines is experiencing a tourism boom that could rival Hong Kong and Dubai in terms of numbers, as the nation’s tourism sector enters its second decade.

The Tourism Industry Development Council (TIDC) said Thursday that guam has seen a surge in the number of tourists visiting the island and its nearby areas, a growth that has been fueled by a new, more competitive tourist industry.

Guam has had a tourism industry boom for several years, with the government offering incentives to companies that offer tourism services in a bid to boost tourism.

The TIDC said its report shows the number and size of tourists has grown by 20 percent this year.

The number of foreigners visiting the islands has increased by 70 percent this time last year, TIDCC chief executive Loyola O’Shea said.

TidCC chairman and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is visiting Guam on March 18 to discuss how to help boost tourism growth and help boost the economy, while Guamanian President Daniel Ortega has said he will visit Guam in April to meet the nation for the first time.

The U.N. Human Rights Council on Tuesday called on the Guam government to implement a law that will make it easier for people to visit Guaman.

A similar bill passed in the Dominican Republic in 2017, but it took years for it to become law.

Guatemala’s President Otto Perez Molina has also visited Guam, saying in a speech in March that it was a wonderful place and a wonderful country.

In 2018, Molina’s government announced a plan to create an island state of Guam called the Republic of Guarani.

The island state was also set to become a tourism destination, but there have been reports of people smuggling into the country.

The TIDCO report also found that the number, average age and percentage of adults over 65 in the country has grown.

The report also said Guam has more than doubled the number visiting the tourist industry this year, reaching about 2 million.

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