Why you need to visit Estonia now

I want to travel again in Estonia after my time in Belarus.

Estonia’s tourism industry has suffered a severe blow as the country was placed on the list of countries hit by the Zika virus, the World Health Organisation said on Thursday.

The country has been ranked as the worst in Europe after the outbreak.

I have had the chance to see my friends in the capital city of Tallinn, where the country is experiencing an economic crisis, as well as in Tallinn’s southern and northern suburbs, as part of my trip.

It is an incredible experience and I hope to return in the near future.

Estonia has been listed as a “critical destination” in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Cities 2030 index.

But Estonia is not the only country that has suffered from the Zika outbreak.

The UK has also suffered a blow as it has been placed on a list of affected countries, which will now see an increased burden of international travel.

The BBC’s Sarah Ferguson in Tallin says the impact of the Zika epidemic has been felt in the UK.

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