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— It’s hard to believe that in a small state, Michigan, there are a half a dozen major attractions that rival some of the biggest international ones.

But the state of Michigan has a lot in common with many of its neighbors.

Michigan has nearly 50 percent of the world’s population and more than 200 million visitors annually.

And, in a state where there’s a good deal of tourism, there’s also a good amount of international tourism.

It’s no secret that Michigan is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States.

There are more than 40 major international events a year and the state is home to some of those events.

And while the state does boast a large number of popular destinations like the Michigan State Fair and the Great Lakes International Festival, it also boasts a number of smaller events, like the Grand Rapids Marathon and the Michigan Zoo.

But why do the state’s tourist attractions rank so high?

Why is there so much international tourism in the state?

That’s the question posed by a team of international researchers who spent five years studying the state and its attractions, looking at how visitors compare to the U.S. and other countries.

Their research shows that visitors to the state are more diverse and less affluent than the average American, with a median household income of $75,000.

Michigan is also a great place to visit, said Matthew Cramer, associate professor of tourism at the University of Michigan.

The state is so popular with international visitors that the average cost of a ticket to visit Michigan was less than $100 last year.

The researchers used data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis to track which of the state has the most international visitors.

They also looked at the number of international visitors per capita, which is a measure of how many people travel to foreign countries each year.

According to the data, the U,S.

ranked 13th among the 34 states in the country, according to the study.

It was followed by the U.,Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

That ranking comes with some caveats.

For one, the researchers only looked at tourists who visited the U and Canada, and not the U of A, which has about 2,000 international students studying in Michigan.

Still, they found that Michigan was the most popular state in the U’s top 10 for international visitors, followed by Canada and the U-20 nations, followed closely by the United Arab Emirates.

The top three destinations for international tourism are Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Michigan ranked eighth for the number and income of foreign visitors per resident, followed only by Hawaii and Germany.

The median income of residents in the Great Michigan State is $65,000, according the study, with the average household earning $71,000 annually.

Michigan also has some of America’s most famous landmarks, like The Grand Ballroom and The Golden Gate Bridge.

And in the winter, it can be cold enough to stay warm, said Kevin Siegel, an assistant professor of geography at Michigan State University.

He’s the author of a book on the state, titled “America’s Golden State: How Tourism Can Change the Face of Our Nation.”

In recent years, Siegel said, visitors have started to return to Michigan for a number, including a holiday season in the spring.

The last time he was in Michigan in March, he said, he saw about 10,000 people from across the country.

He also said he saw a large spike in foreign visitors in late January and early February.

He said it wasn’t just tourists from Canada, France and Germany who were coming back.

Many of those people were returning to Michigan to get away from the heat.

For many of them, they had come to the Great State to see the Big Apple.

They wanted to see what it was like to visit the state in winter, and they wanted to be able to visit in person.

Michigan’s tourism industry is not quite as well-established as it is in the rest of the country or Europe, but the state continues to attract visitors.

The tourism industry in Michigan is growing at a pace that has seen its share of major players take a hit in recent years.

The Great Lakes Conference, the umbrella group for the nation’s major tourism conferences, saw its membership fall by about 10 percent between 2010 and 2015.

That number was the same in 2017.

And there are concerns about the economic climate in Michigan, which could affect the state tourism industry.

Tourism has been growing for years, but at the same time, many states are struggling with the state budget crisis.

Tourism accounts for about 10 to 15 percent of Michigan’s economy, said Siegel.

Michigan was ranked the worst state for tourism last year in the Bureau for Economic Analysis’ Consumer Travel Survey, which looks at the quality of travel in a given state.

The survey found that the state ranked 11

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