How to travel in Mexico without going to a casino

Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Strip, and the surrounding area are known as a place where gambling is legal and, for a time, the casinos were the primary draw.

But as casinos have dried up and more locals have taken to paying out to get into the casinos, gambling has been outlawed in the area.

In recent years, Las Vegas has been one of the largest cities in the country to ban the industry and, at times, shut down casinos outright.

Now, with the city experiencing a boom in tourism, the city is planning to close its casinos and create a new city center.

According to the Las Vegas Tourism Board, the plan is to create a mixed-use center, a destination casino, a hotel, a theme park, and a casino resort.

The resort resort will be a joint venture between the city of Las Vegas and a Chinese company, and will be called Las Vegas Sands Holdings, or LVS.

It will feature an array of hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

It’s also hoped that the resort will create jobs, with about 10,000 jobs expected in the region.

However, there are questions about whether or not it will create enough jobs to replace the lost casinos.

The city has said that about 30,000 of the jobs will be temporary jobs.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the plan could cost $40 million, and that the company could not guarantee that the new resort would generate enough new jobs to cover the costs.

While the plan seems to be a long-term plan, the resort itself could be closed down if the city decides to close it down.

In 2014, Las Vegans were forced to evacuate their homes after the city was hit by a deadly earthquake.

It was also reported that the government in Mexico shut down the city because of the threat of more earthquakes.

In February 2018, it was reported that a hotel in the resort town of Las Vegas was being considered for demolition.

As the city prepares to close the resorts, some locals are asking if the area can continue to attract tourists, despite the bans.

The community has expressed their concerns to the city, and there have been concerns about the new hotel, according to the Review-Juanita Garcia, who covers the city for the Las Vega Daily News.

The town is expected to be hit with more earthquakes in the next year, and some residents have expressed concerns about getting their lives back on track after the devastating earthquake.

García said that in addition to the earthquakes, the casino industry has been impacted by the economic downturn.

According a report by the New York Times, Las Veges tourism revenue fell by more than 80 percent in the first half of 2018.

Garcia said that the city has been dealing with a significant economic downturn in recent years and that it will be difficult to recover without a change in policy.

In addition to canceling the casino, García has also proposed a ban on the gambling industry and the casino resort itself, which would require a change of policy from the state of Nevada, which has been in charge of regulating the industry.

However the ban on casinos, as well as the proposed ban on gambling, have not been backed by a majority of voters in the city.

This article originally appeared at The Atlantic.

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