When will the first bus leave Myanmar?

The Myanmar tourism office has confirmed that the first buses to leave the country are due to arrive on Sunday.

However, they are not scheduled to leave until Thursday.

The Myanmar Tourism and Culture Bureau (MTB) has released a tweet that states: “First buses are expected to depart from Yangon to Mandalay tomorrow.

There are no further details yet.”

The MTB also confirmed the buses will be departing on the same day as the Myanmar Tourist Bureau (MTB) has stated they will depart from Mandalay on Thursday.

Earlier on Thursday, Myanmar Tourism Bureau (MUTB) spokesperson Ma Khen Thach said the buses were expected to leave on Friday, but it is not yet clear whether the buses are going to leave in a straight line or have to pass through two towns.

Earlier this month, the MTB said it was planning to open a tourist office in Mandalay, Myanmar’s biggest city, which is close to Yangon.

The MTTB said it will have an office in the city, in addition to one in Yangon, and will operate a tourism agency to promote Myanmar’s cultural and cultural heritage.

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