What you need to know about South Dakota’s new tourism management laws

South Dakota is moving forward with its tourism management plan, and it’s going to take some serious time.

The governor has promised to sign it by the end of the year.

But the process has been slow.

The law requires tourism managers to have a bachelor’s degree and have worked in tourism for a year.

And the state has struggled to hire enough employees to handle the new requirements.

The state has hired around 300 people, and more than 100 of those are from outside South Dakota.

And it’s expensive.

For instance, the state needs about $1.5 million to hire two full-time staff members to handle online visitor logs.

That’s less than half of what’s needed to manage visitor numbers and book a hotel.

It’s been a slow process, but now it’s getting started.

Here’s what you need know about the new laws.

The legislation that passed in March requires tourism management by the same state agency that handles liquor licenses, hotel room purchases, and licensing requirements.

This is the state’s new agency for tourism management.

In South Dakota, the tourism department is separate from the state liquor control agency.

And this is the agency that deals with hotels, restaurants, and the like.

The tourism department has a staff of about 100 people.

The other two state agencies that handle licensing requirements, the South Dakota Department of Commerce and the Department of Agriculture, also have offices in South Dakota and are separate agencies.

The department’s office is in Sioux Falls, and its office is at the hotel in downtown Sioux Falls.

The new tourism department will be housed at the state tourism office.

The two agencies also have separate staffs.

The South Dakota Tourism Management Office in Sioux Rapids is responsible for operating and maintaining the state Department of Tourism.

The Tourism Management Division of the South Dakotas Department of Parks and Tourism oversees the state agency for hotels and other businesses.

It handles all tourism-related licensing and other business-related business related requirements, like the permits needed to book a room in a hotel or hotel room, the license requirements to operate a restaurant, the licensing requirements for a hotel room.

The State Tourism Office in Fargo oversees all tourism and hotel business related activities.

It oversees all hotel room and dining services, and also manages all other business related licensing requirements that can be found in state statutes.

South Dakota Gov.

Dennis Daugaard has been promising to sign the new tourism bill into law by the time the new year comes around.

He’s said that he’ll sign it this week, but he hasn’t given a time frame yet.

The travel department is expected to be able to meet the new staffing requirements.

According to the tourism office, it needs about 3,500 people to manage around 200,000 visitors a year in South Dakota.

The government’s tourism staffs already have been busy with online visitor data.

The office is also in charge of licensing businesses.

The hotels and restaurants that are licensed by the tourism agency will be able also get license permits to operate in the state.

The licenses need to be issued through the tourism directorate, and can be purchased by visiting businesses or hotels.

The licensing requirements to book and book rooms in hotels in South South Dakota are the same as those in Iowa and North Dakota.

But South Dakota doesn’t need to issue the licenses for all hotels, but only for hotels in Sioux and Sioux Falls and the surrounding towns.

The hotel licenses will be required for every hotel that hosts more than 50 people.

And hotels will also need to apply for licenses for other types of businesses, like a restaurant and the food service industry.

The secretary of state’s office also handles hotel licensing.

The local hotels in Fargo and Siouxville are responsible for licensing and licensing operations, and for processing the licenses that come with each license.

The Secretary of State’s Office has been dealing with that process, too, but has been overwhelmed with the number of licenses to issue.

The last time South Dakota issued a license, the hotel license was issued on May 2.

But there were no hotels on the list until late May.

South Dakots Tourism and Entertainment Office in Fort Dodge, the department responsible for the hotels, also handled the licensing and licenses in South Carolina and Nevada.

The Department of Revenue is also handling licensing and registration for the state hotels.

If South Dakota wants to be competitive, the new licenses will help it get the licenses it needs to attract new businesses.

But even though the tourism division is handling licensing, the office in Siouxville handles other licensing requirements like licenses for the restaurant and food service industries.

South Dakota Tourism and the tourism coordinator for Sioux Falls County, Michael Stets, said the state had to take time to get the necessary licenses.

We had to do a lot of paperwork, he said.

And now we’re working on it now.

So we’re making sure we’re meeting the requirements to get these licenses, he told Polygon.

The process is still very much in the

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