Why are Fiji’s beaches a treasure for the locals?

The country has been a haven for some of the world’s most famous and famous people for decades.

But despite being a country with a rich history, it was once considered a poor country.

Now, many people in the Pacific nation are taking pride in the pristine beaches of their home island.

The Fiji National Parks Authority (FNP) is trying to create a tourism paradise for locals, but some have criticised the plan.

The parks have an appeal for locals but they should also cater for the tourists, Mr Makau said.

“You can go to a park and enjoy yourself,” he said.

“If you don’t enjoy yourself, why are you going there?”

He said that the FNP was working on a plan to open up the parks, and he hoped that this would lead to more people visiting.

“The islands are our natural capital and we have to keep that in mind,” he told ABC Radio Fiji.

Fiji Tourism Minister Dato’o Mbali said he was hopeful that tourists would visit the islands.

“We hope that our tourism sector can contribute to the development of the islands,” he tweeted.

Fishermen and trawlers from Australia and New Zealand will also be visiting Fiji this year, to help restore the environment.

“I hope it’s a good thing to help the environment,” Mr Makai said.


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