Month: June 2021

Why are Virginia tourism figures so low?

What is a tourism industry?What is a cruise ship?What are the different types of cruise ships?Vermont’s tourism figures have been in the headlines recently.The state recently reported its lowest number of visitors since at least 1993.The department says the number of overnight stays dropped from 7,079 in June to 6,865 in July.The department says that […]

When will the U.S. government finally recognize Guam as a U.N. territory?

New Zealand’s government is considering declaring Guam a U-N.territorial unit, a move that would give the Pacific nation a special status, according to a report published Monday by The Associated Press.Guam, which is home to U.K. citizens, has long been a U,N.member state.Guam is a U.-member state of the U.,N., and has diplomatic ties with […]

How albanian tourism is booming with tourists arriving from across Europe

The economic impact of tourism from Albania is enormous.The country has attracted more than a billion tourists to Europe over the past decade, and its economy is forecast to grow by 10% a year.However, the tourism sector is struggling with low wages and limited international travel opportunities.Albania’s Tourism Minister Giorgos Trombi says that there are […]

Why the Balkan nation of Serbia is a perfect tourist destination

Samoan tourists will love visiting the city of Kotor as it is home to the famous island of Kava and home to a thriving international tourism industry.The capital, Kotor, is the only island in the world where people can freely enjoy its lush, blue waters and tropical weather.As one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan […]

How to travel in California: What to do and where to go

Travelers can travel by air, rail, and boat across the state, with some notable exceptions.The top three travel destinations are:1.Sacramento2.San Francisco3.San JoseThe best time to visit each is:After you’ve checked in and checked out, check out the state’s beaches, mountains, and forests.The state’s natural and cultural attractions include:San Francisco: The Golden Gate Bridge, the Golden […]

How to be a tourist in Greece and Turkey

Tourism is booming in Greece, with visitors from across Europe now spending more than $5 billion annually, according to a new report by the Athens-based travel agency Soho.The tourism industry is in the midst of a surge, with arrivals to Greece increasing by more than 100% since 2008, according the Tourism Information Center.The country’s tourist […]

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